Lynne Cameron

… dynamic paintings fired by colour …

Leading a workshop as artist-in-residence, Cinepoetics, Freie Universität, Berlin

Leading a workshop as artist-in-residence, Cinepoetics, Freie Universität, Berlin

Lynne Cameron is a contemporary painter, based on the Isle of Bute in Scotland. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Berlin, London, Leeds, and Argyll, and is collected internationally. She began drawing and painting around twenty years ago, after operations to remove cataracts shocked her into a new awareness of beauty and colour. She pursued her growing passion for art through part-time and short courses, including ‘Advanced Painting’ at Morley College, London, and ‘Painting in Contemporary Art Practice’ at the Slade School of Art. In 2014, she finally left her university professorship to work as a professional artist. She spent 2015-17 in Berlin as research fellow and artist-in-residence at Cinepoetics, Freie Universität.

Fearless colour, the fierce examination of a woman’s life, and a refusal to compromise drive Cameron’s painting process. Colours respond to each other in swirling conversations, reaching out across the surface in lines and gestural forms that reflect the dynamics of contingency and response, disruption and contemplation. Layers of thick and thin colour create depth and spaces, echoes and resonances. The paint is used dry and wet; it is dabbed, stroked and scratched. Print transfer and collage contribute to the complexity of surfaces.

The paintings conjure landscapes of possibility that invite viewers to pause and explore. To find a space to retreat into. To find paths that lead deep inside. To be with the self by going beyond the self.

Cameron finds support in the reflective sensibilities of women artists, including Joan Snyder and Anne Truitt; in the delicate scrutiny, commitment, and poetic writing of John Berger; and in the powerful use of colour in the ‘Unpainted Pictures’ of Emil Nolde and other German and American abstract expressionists. Each place that she lives in, and looks at, provides energy for her paintings, in the form of resonant lines, shapes, or gestures. These influences echo through her work, shaped by the artist as she reflects on the twists and turns of her own life, determined to dance while the music plays.  


2019 Selected for Showcase event, CHARTS Argyll, Oban, 14 September 2019

2015-2017  Senior Fellow and Artist-in-Residence, Cinepoetics Center for Advanced Film Studies, Freie Universität, Berlin.

2015  Shortlisted in National Open Art Competition 

Exhibitions and competitions

2017  'Our Flying shapes the Sky', End-of-residency exhibition, Cinepoetics, Freie Universität Berlin

2016  'Yearning to be elsewhere', Solo show, Under the Mango Tree Gallery, Schöneberg, Berlin

2016  'Landscapes of Possibility'. Solo show, Freie Universität Berlin

2015   Oxford Art Society Open Exhibition, by selection. Cloister Gallery, SJE Arts, Iffley Road, Oxford

2015   ‘A Wonder World for Enid’. Solo show, Clothworkers' Hall Foyer, University of Leeds

2014  ‘The Living Impulse’. Solo show, 5th Base Gallery, Heneage St, Brick Lane, London

2013  'and...' Group exhibition, Morley Gallery, London.

2013  'Mutopia' Group exhibition, Faircharm. Part of Deptford X festival.

2013   'Falling into Place' Solo show, University of Leeds Clothworkers' Hall Foyer

2012   Bucks Open Studios

2011   'Five women artists'. Group show, Aim Gallery, Milton Keynes

2010    Stani Gallery, Stony Stratford, Bucks

2008, 2010, 2012, 2015    Bucks Open Studios


Art courses

2015    Colour, short course.  Slade School of Art, University College London. Tutor: Caroline de Lannoy

2012-13    Advanced Painting, Morley College, London. Tutors: Guillem Ramos-Poqui, Steve Wright

2012     Painting in contemporary practice. Slade School of Art, University College London. Tutors: Hephzibah Rendle-Short, Eve Peasnall, Caroline de Lannoy

 2010     Painting, short course. Slade School of Art, University College London. Tutors: Dan Preece, Virginia Verran, Caroline de Lannoy

2009    Painting, short course. Slade School of Art, University College London. Tutor: Dan Preece

2000    Painting and drawing, York College. Tutor: Val Bestwick

1999     Painting and drawing, York College. Tutor: Val Bestwick

1998    Life drawing, short course. Slade School of Art, University College, London. Tutor: Hephzibah Rendle-Short

1997    Drawing outdoors, University of York. Tutor: Freda Waldapfel 

1996    Drawing for Non-Artists, University of York. Tutor: Freda Waldapfel

Cinepoetics, Freie Universität, Berlin

Cinepoetics, Freie Universität, Berlin


PhD, University of London (1997) Metaphor in Educational Discourse

MA, University of York (1987) Linguistics and ELT

BA (Hons), University of Oxford (1974) Mathematics


Selected publications

Cameron, L. and S. Weatherbed (2014) The Empathy Manual. e-book, available from iBooks Store and Amazon.

Cameron, L & Seu, B. (2012) Landscapes of empathic understanding: Spatial scenarios, metaphors and metonymies in responses to distant suffering. Text & Talk, 32 (3), 285-305.

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