A body of work

Creating a body of work is considered an important step in an artist's development. It puzzled me for some years how this might happen. Yes, I could paint several works on the same theme, but more often, I'd want to move on to something else, try some other exciting idea. It seemed rather boring to stay in the same groove (rut?).

And then, a year or so back, it happened. I worked my way into the series of paintings that became "A Wonder World for Enid" and that became the body of work I am drawing on for my next exhibition.

This painting was the very first in the series and is called "What is this place?" (acrylic and pen on paper, 25 x 35 cm), and it's now sold.

I discovered that I was happy to stay with these paintings because they offered such rich exploration of possibilities. I'm still painting new ones.