Travelling and staying in

I'm writing this on an anniversary - 40 years ago today, we left England to work in Tanzania with VSO. I had only been to France and Austria before this. I was young. Tanzania was to teach me so much - about people, politics, development, learning and teaching English, myself. It changed my mind, my career direction, my perception of everything.

As we drove to Heathrow, lights were on in homes and curtains not yet drawn. I could see people inside, apparently living cosy, safe lives as we set off into the unknown.

I've been in Berlin two days now. It is cold and rainy. I haven't been out much. I recognise it as a pattern that goes back 40 years. Having reached my destination, I hunker down awhile, as if I need to inhabit the idea of being in a new place before I can inhabit the actuality. Because I know this is how it goes, I am happy to wait, knowing it's all out there when I'm ready.

The space

The space (East Africa) acrylic on card