A walk downhill

Walking downhill is actually quite difficult in Berllin as it is mostly very flat. That Saturday morning when I wanted some elevation, I remembered the area I lived in before and how the road slopes down from Platz der Luftbrücke to Bergmannstrasse. So that's where I went.

I took an artist's walk, with my camera, looking at what was around. From the Platz der Luftbrücke down the hill to Bergmannstrasse. I found inspiration for abstract paintings: colours, shapes, textures, and outlines against the sky. Back in the studio, I selected and cropped the images. Later it became a drawing, then a painting.

My starting point commemorates the Berlin Airlift that began in 1948. Nearby was a late rose and a bird's nest thoughtfully lined with plastic. A courtyard by the English Theatre was full of views and objects that demanded attentiion. In Chamissoplatz, I found a small market and a stall where the vegetables seemed to be arranged by colour and climate. The walk ended with the best coffee in the locality and my journal.