That kind of day (continues)

The painting I showed you last time has been through several more stages.

Some orange hoops crept in one day.

For a week it shared the studio/kitchen space with some flowers from the market. The lilac and gorse died more quickly than the aquilegia.

The aquilegia wanted in to the painting. It was added with a long thin brush and black paint, blossoms and leaves printed on with thick paint. And then it asked for a pale background to stand out against.

The painting sat, taped onto the board, for a few more days, not feeling finished. Then it was time for strength and determination to add yellow. Four yellows in fact: cadmium yellow deep, lemon yellow, process yellow, cadmium yellow light. Perhaps that was the gorse.

The orange shifted tone. And more indigo, always more indigo, dripping.


It's still sitting, waiting. Perhaps it is finished.