Explorations on crumpled paper

Setting up my new studio/house involved unpacking most of my possessions as they came out of store. I piled up the empty boxes and pushed the discarded wrapping paper into bin bags to dispose of.

Once the table was set up for painting, I started hunting around to see what paper and canvases had come out of store. Ping! a connection made, an affordance noticed.

I started to explore what the thin crumpled paper could offer as a painting surface.

I first laid some large brushstrokes across the paper before unfolding it - this layer thus carries a memory of my plates or glasses that it once held safely for 6 months.

The paper was opened out and the next layer of paint used the creased surface to respond to the new scenery outside my windows, through choice of colour and gestures with the brush - lots of dabbing in the spaces between creases.

More layers: more contrasts and combinings - of wet and dry paint, short and long strokes, lines and masses.

More layers, and the final piece mounted on heavy paper. I love the way the creases and crumples remain, as themselves or as echoes in the painted surface. And how they randomly connect my reunion with loved pieces of crockery with my first impressions of Bute.

Explorations on crumpled paper.  Acrylic on paper, Lynne Cameron, 2017

Explorations on crumpled paper. Acrylic on paper, Lynne Cameron, 2017

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