To mark my birthday month, I will be posting painting~poem artworks from the collection in my book here on the blog. I hope you enjoy them! If you would like to buy the book, there is a discount available throughout September. Just go over here and at the checkout enter SCARLET to save 25%.

I love the title of this first one - it came to me early in my exploration of intuitive painting. And I used it to title and frame my Berlin residency that is now nearly over. It was nearly the book title too, but I found that the poem on the front looked so striking that I went with that.


Our flying shapes the sky

Lynn Cameron-Artworks_LowRes 2 image.jpg

I painted a woman -

not an angel

- green and pink

and she flew through the sky


yellow stars

            over a church and a cottage

            a red hill

            and an inky black path.

She moved the sky by her flight.


And underneath

in dissolving darkness,

            watching from the cottage,

someone sees

the sky shifted.


I filled the sky around the stars with blue.

I carved the cradling moon.

Pink trails behind the flying.

I enhanced the stars with yellow and white

            until they become






She flies,

shaping the sky.