Thank you, Simone de Beauvoir

From the travelling studio today: 


Thank you, Simone de Beauvoir. Acrylic on paper, 12” x 12”, Lynne Cameron, 2018

I started a new series of small paintings while I was travelling over Christmas. Travelling paintings have to be small and I love it when inspiration strikes on the road. In Wellington, New Zealand I paid a visit to my favourite French Art Shop and found this superb thick watercolour paper by Senellier.

the Thank You Letter idea came from one of Flora Bowley ‘s programmes that I worked through around the same time. She had us write a thank you letter to our inner critic (hallo, Huntley!) and then paint over in layers. There were other people I wanted to ‘write’ to in a similar way. Having found the right paper, I started.



It seems to be continuing. And Simone is on my mind.